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A new frontier, not far away over mountains and rivers,
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My horse Reba, dog Jill, and I traveling in rural Kansas.


The times that made me feel best about America were the times I traveled by horse or canoe across the country without doors to lock or walls to sleep behind, from farm to farm, town to town, and city to city meeting many different people.

The times I felt worst about America was when I watched or listened to the news.

Had any Christian anywhere on earth written this booklet, it's cultural flavor and identity may have been very different. However, its baseline would be exactly the same because, we are all servants of God.


My name is James, I traveled by foot, horse, and canoe, for 5,000 miles though America, from farm to farm, town to town, and city to city, without doors to lock or walls to sleep behind - it was as real as it gets - and I hope to share the perspective God has given me for the sake of helping you gain what is good for your soul and right for your world, not by following me, but by following God, for He alone holds your best interest at heart.

Your path to happiness begins in you and is fulfilled through the decisions and actions you take independent from the world. If you are alive, and you listen to your heart, God will give you something of value to do, something that is of immeasurable value to our world, and in that value lies your true and immeasurable happiness. It may be as simple as reading Bible stories to your grandchildren, but whatever it is, you might just save our country, our children, our Christian way of life, and all we hold near and dear. And now as much as ever before, you are needed. Now as much as ever before, you need to step up to the plate and do your best to hit a spiritual home run.

Cultural division and the power struggle that goes with it (including all the political hate and deceit) is dissolving the unity that once held our great Nation together. Many of our great institutions have become corrupt. Our government has gotten itself deep in debt. We are bruised and confused by mass shootings. We are losing the fight against drug abuse and crime. We are suffering a health crisis of historic proportion. Our little farm towns are dying, our inner cities are becoming no-man zones, and vast numbers of suburbanites are held like human livestock in a high-power corral of news, entertainment, and advertising.

The good news is, there is still a lot more good than evil. The bad news is, the forces of good are in retreat, for the most part unwilling to stand against the advancing forces of evil. Too many Christians have no heart for fighting the battle between good and evil in America today, even though God gives each of us a part to play. For love of God and Country, we must not continue to sit idle. For the sake of our souls, we must not fool ourselves into believing that the slowly sinking ship of a godless society can carry us to safe harbor.

 With which group would you rather be a part; those that settle for seats on a sinking ship, or those that chart a perilous course and row together on the path of the saved. Below are two American examples of the Christian way. They are my favorite examples, but they are not the only examples. You may have your own examples of Americans
 that chose the perilous path of faith and won against insurmountable odds. People that made America great. People that chose a path as difficult as it was full of promise, and by way of their courage, determination, and all that goes into faith, became the wind in the sails of generations to come.

The Pilgrims happened to be white Europeans, but an infinitely more accurate description would be this; they were children of God.
 Faithful and courageous, they boarded the Mayflower, and within a year, half were dead and the other half had suffered terribly. But they were not fools, they understood their dream to be an “impossible” one, and still they went forward. And such is the power of faith that, nearly four-hundred years later; their dream still lives. Their dream was of freedom to live as a loving God would have them live, and not live according to the mandates of others.

There was something very special in the hearts of the Pioneers who arrived at the shore of the Columbia River, having already come thousands of miles through mountain-ranges, deserts, and plains on the Oregon Trail. The Columbia River made up the final leg of their journey. Trail weary men, women, and children, they loaded their wagons and dreams on wooden rafts, then set out to run two-hundred miles of the most dangerous water anywhere on earth. It was an incredibly perilous thing to do, but then again, they had that special brand of courage, that kind of courage that comes with faith. And with that kind of courage all across this land, Americans gave rise to a Nation that became a beacon of hope around the world.


Columbus was not a perfect man, there is no such thing. He had no map or guidebook to the new world, and to a large extent, neither did the Pilgrims, Pioneers, and a great many others from varying backgrounds. But they had faith in God, and they went forward through hardship and danger, and built something greater than their ability to imagine. Again, they were human beings, so they could not build a utopian world, but I am old enough to remember the good they gave rise to; the small farms and towns 
from sea to shining sea, with thriving local economies, happy healthy people out and about, and streets so safe that children could run and play without a fear in the world. We were building a better world. We all had a part to play. And it seemed that with hard work and dedication, we could accomplish anything, even go to the moon! But no more had we reached the heights than we decided God was no longer needed. And then, how quickly we got lost. We packaged and sold sex. We idolized money. We trusted in our own power, and in our weakness; we left the gate open to evil forces that attacked our God-given right to feel good about where we come from, what we’re made of, and who we are (children of God). God was declared dead. And the void created in our hearts and culture was filled with garbage from Hollywood, Fifth Avenue, and others in a race for power, money, and control.

Do you want a better way? Everyone wants a better way when the ship is sinking, but who will actually muster the faith to light the way? Below is a quote from the American scholar, Will Durant:

“There is no greater drama in human record than the sight of a few Christians, scorned or oppressed by a succession of emperors, bearing all trials with fierce tenacity, multiplying quietly, building order while their enemies generated chaos, fighting the sword with the word, brutality with hope, and at last defeating [Rome] the strongest state that history has known. Caesar and Christ had met in the arena, and Christ had won.”


Can you imagine a Nation so removed from the truth that, its people surrender their ability to make shoes, and then dance in foreign-made shoes to celebrate their independence? Do you want to accept this lie and become a prisoner to its folly, or would you rather follow a code of truth and honesty, and be set free? In order to get big and stay big, big government and big business work to make you dependent on them in a big way, and this can be bad for your independence in a big way. For if they push truth aside for money and power, and they become all important to your survival like air and water, what happens to your soul when you must choose between the truth and the worldly securities (lies) they offer? A great many people will ignore the truth to avoid rocking the boat (or ship in the case of our Nation), and in ignoring the truth, they lose the only thing they could keep forever; their soul. The good news is, you only need to put yourself in God’s hands to enter a realm of truth, a new frontier where freedom is as real as you are, where the path is as difficult as it is full of promise, trod by hard-working individuals, bound together as a people with a common belief, each pulling their weight, looking out for one another, trusting not in themselves but in God.

Nothing can stop God’s truth from setting us free. The only thing that can stop His truth from shining through is a closed heart, wherein the soul, surrounded by walls of bitterness, pride, self-deceit, envy, lust, sloth, greed, or any sin; wastes away in a dark dungeon, never to know what freedom looks like because it never allows it to shine in. But when we open our hearts and let God’s light shine in, there will be, in a very real manner of speaking, dawn in God's everlasting masterpiece, a new life in a new realm with virgin mountains, plains, and rivers. And like a jigsaw puzzle, only God knows where the pieces go, but it is our steps, taken in faith, upon the difficult path, that make the pieces fall into place, and the picture that comes together in our soul is a treasure larger than this world has space to hold.

If you decide to trust God, then probably not very far up the trail of life, you will realize your freedom, and when it happens, don’t be surprised if you lift your arms to Heaven and cry out, “OH LORD, THANK YOU!” It is true. If you show faith, don’t be surprised if, long before you reach your “Promised Land,” God sets you free. And you will know it! It will become the most valuable thing you possess, for it will be nothing less than the freeing of your soul. And with it comes peace where peace must always begin, in your heart. You will have peace of mind. You will enter into the realm of true freedom, without which no earthly freedom is possible. You will no longer look to the world for freedom, but will have found that, because of Him, freedom begins in you (and what else would you expect from the One that gave you the miraculous gift of life). And with the chains that bound you broken, you'll be free to pursue a better life. A better life, not in the eyes of a sinful world, but in the eyes of a loving God that holds your best interest at heart.


The way to a better life begins when you let God into your heart, and by His light, see the way out of your inner entanglements. Then with God, you will have the inner peace and fire to go forward even if you cannot see what lies ahead.

How many people thought Columbus crazy for setting off into the unknown? How many people thought the Pilgrims crazy for the same reason? And after the unknown had been opened so that it could be entered with a degree of safety, how many hopeful hearts flooded into the New World!

A great multitude rolled up their sleeves, the American story was born, and the potential of building on God’s truth was released. In God's hands, they built something greater than their ability to imagine. They did not build a Utopia of course, but they did build a Nation founded on the belief that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They fought wars and made great sacrifices to ensure this right. And as a result, their Nation became a beacon of hope around the world. 

Today, same as always, it is a giant leap from the soul-killing grip of lying world into the everlasting hands of God, but with God all things are possible. If you want more than a lying world can offer, then give God more than a nod. Step onto His narrow path of truth, keep putting one foot before the other, and He will lead you to a broad spiritual plane where, looking back, you will know, He saved the one thing you keep forever - your soul - and of course, that made your life great!


To keep from falling apart, a nation must come together. And when its people cannot come together due to divisions caused by sin-based decisions; it is good that smaller groups of people come together and unite in a faith-based decision to build a better way.

Come together in the understanding that, until we let God in our hearts, we cannot work our way though problems that keep us from happiness because true happiness comes before solving problems. True happiness (godly fulfillment) fosters positive action, even in the face of difficulty.

Coming together does not mean we are against other peoples. It does mean we reject and stand against those that promote our destruction through the celebration of sin. God makes room for us to maintain our individual cultures, and at the same time, to all be part of one family as His children building on His everlasting truth.

Come together and let God set foundation stones in our hearts that support peace and happiness in our communities; foundation stones of love, like a sense of gratitude for what we have, and of belonging to it, and wanting the best for it, and a willingness to work and sacrifice for it.

Come together in the understanding that God's first commandment to man as a knowledgeable being is to toil, to realize the value of hard work, which fosters strength and stability in our backbones and our souls, and makes us productive members of our communities. 

Come together and build on God’s truth by teaching children biblical lessons about right and wrong, about when to be kind and when to be tough, timeless values that guide actions, season souls, and help us stay together on the same page as children of God.

Come together with inspirational stories of our forefathers and mothers, the extra-ordinary accomplishments of ordinary Americans who put their faith in God (celebrate them as heroes and heroines, and even pretend to be them in childhood play). 

Together these things act as cultural glue, to form a bond of love and loyalty, a foundation of harmony and happiness in our communities.

Among his own people, Christ began with the little people. He put them first. And only after he had given his all for them, did he then send Paul into the world.

 Jesus did not save the world by being a worldly man, but rather, by being a man of his people. Jesus did not think like,"Oh my gosh, if I chose men only from Judea to be disciples, that would appear exclusionary and maybe even hateful...I'd better find an Egyptian, a Greek, a Syrian, and an Italian." Jesus didn't do it that way. And lo-and-behold, by His example of love and loyalty, not the false morality of Pharisees in their temples, but the true boots-on-the-ground love and loyalty between neighbors that makes communities strong and nations great - by this, His example, great numbers of people from those other nations would become part of one family as brothers and sisters in Christ..

As a Nation of every race, can we Christians come together for the sake of our Nation? Yes, we can come together by way of a simple test, a test that has nothing to do with skin color. The test would be a simple question: Would we put up or take down the Ten Commandments in public places, like courthouses for example? Those that would put the Commandments up without hesitation are brothers and sisters in the family of Christ (including non-Christians that are friendly to our beliefs, and are therefore friends of the family). Those that would take the Commandments down have not yet let God in their hearts and therefore are more susceptible to that pair of hands that is ever working in the dark. Those that claim it depends on circumstances are blind to our circumstances. In large part, we have, as a Nation, allowed the godless to choose our path for decades, and fools are prone to follow the easy path to their own destruction. The good news is, God gives us free will, we do not have to follow fools. We can come together for the sake of our Nation as brothers and sisters in Christ.


This somewhat odd term, "the locality of reality," that I have only made up, nevertheless means that, if you sincerely believe in God, then He is in your heart, and, at the same exact time, in my heart, and in all hearts that sincerely accept Him. And this is key because; He alone holds our best interest at heart, He alone wants to make us wealthy beyond our dreams in the only way that counts forever, and He alone has the divine power to be in all our hearts at the same time, working His miracles there like the Conductor of a symphony.

The possibilities of what we can achieve when we follow His lead as a people are limitless. For while He gives us different assignments, our tasks fit together to create something greater than our ability to imagine.

Long ago as a young man, I moved to a thriving city and started a small business from scratch. Success required a ton of hard work and sacrifice. Then, during a move to a brand new facility, I received a call from city hall telling me I had to shut my operation down because the new bushes along my new driveway were not spaced correctly (in fact the bushes were professionally installed and well placed). The bureaucrats at city hall, who were always blowing their horns about "community," had no apparent connection to my reality; I had a handful of employees, some with children to feed, others working their way through university, not to mention a dream on which I had staked everything. I refused to shut down, the Fire Chief had to intervene, and thanks to him, the bushes remained where they were along with my business (I have long since moved from city to country). I could go on telling crazy firsthand stories about the way detached people behave towards one another, not only in big government and in big corporations, but in little families! In my little town of 400 people, there was a woman that lived with her two children in a house that she utterly and completely trashed over the course of a year. I saw her in the convenience store on the highway, she was belittling her two little children and asking strangers if they wanted to buy her kids. She was a mess, and she was messing up those kids! And probably she had been messed up as a kid. I wanted to take action, and I’m sure I was not alone. But I knew the State would not allow it. Big government says it will take care of the problem, and the problem only grows bigger. For fifty years, our leaders in government and business have presided over the slow death of Rural America and its Christian values. 

My people are not the only people suffering in America from a loss of moral values. But since I know my people best, I will use their example. We the people of rural and small town America are a humble people as proven by the way in which we have quietly dwindled and disappeared. Our little towns and farms are dying in a world that is too far removed to see how a life-sustaining bushel of grain is grown in the land of the free. For a golden bushel of grain sprouts not only from good soil and hard work, but from social stability, itself sprouted from the unity of a people bound by love and loyalty. It is a beautiful thing, and it feeds the world. But it is crumbling in the grip of a big world with big world values, crumbling away, eroding into an agro-industrialized support system for a godless world. And like anything that serves a corrupt world, it will be dragged down until it reaches the bottom and dissolves - unless my people take action. 

My people are not the only people in a bad way in America. Any group of people who play lip service to God while following (and therefore supporting) a system built to serve the whims and designs of a godless society, will find themselves in a dark place.

But what would I have done if I was free to act when I saw that woman in my community abusing her children? I would NOT have taken her children away. I would have rounded up a handful of go-getter-type neighbors who wanted to take action but previously couldn’t because the government had our hands tied. I would propose that the woman spend 3 hours in a set of stocks at the center of town (this would draw out much of the town on a Saturday), during which time it would be explained to her and her children that her behavior had been destructive to the warfare of our community, but not to fear because no problem is too big for God. I would have told her that we are all sinners and need God in our hearts. She would then be set free under the condition that she change, and we Christian people of the community would take turns checking on her and helping her along. If she accepted the deal, good! If she didn’t, back into the stocks, or get out of town. And what about the war on drugs? If we were free to fight it, we could win it! We could apprehend the head drug dealer in our area, put him in the stocks and, with a lash, give him something real to remember. And if after his release, he went back to pushing drugs, we could hang him with a placard that read, “This is what happens to those that poison our children.” 

Oh Boy! I can almost hear a collective gasp coming from those that support the status quo, being a godless system that fosters the problem (and we all have seen how bad the problems have become). A system that fosters the problem is the problem, and is reason to start anew like pioneers.

Figuratively speaking in a very real way; God wears a velvet glove on one hand, and an iron gauntlet on the other, and if as His servants we are to foster a healthy society, we need to know when to be the velvet and when to be the iron. We have to know when to be kind and when to be tough, it's a balance in which we take all of God's word into account. Likewise, the concept that locality (local control) makes for what's best means nothing without God because, if we are spiritually detached from ourselves, we cannot have a healthy attachment to others, and therefore, detachment can occur across oceans or within a home between parent and child. 

 We can overcome the difficult challenges presented by detached bureaucracies and corporations, clueless parents, drug pushers, and even misguided Christians that think it is ungodly to take a stand against evil and punish wrongdoers. First however, because we are all wrongdoers, the answer to any problem always begins in us. We have to get ourselves right first, and a prayer that always always works is to sincerely ask God to remove harmful sin from our hearts whether it be anger, greed, deceit, or any sin, if we ask sincerely, we will feel Him lift it out of us, and it will feel right! And when we stray back into bad feelings of sloth, gluttony, lust, envy, or any sin that threatens the well-being of our soul, family, community, and nation; He again can lift the temptation of evil from our hearts and set us back on the good path. God alone can do this for us. 


The following comparison uses an example close to my pioneer forefathers and mothers, and is applicable to any Christian culture, such as my own, that finds itself dependent on and therefore servant to a plethora of masters.

I spent time with the Amish, and saw many things reminiscent of my own pioneer heritage. One thing that took me by surprise was the sight of an Amish woman driving a wagon, not just any wagon, but a large freight wagon. It had an expansive wooden bed with no sideboards and no seat. She was standing on the bed, holding the reins to a team of four Percheron draft horses that were trucking down a gravel road. On the bed behind her was a very large construct of wood and metal (some kind of Amish-made equipment). The young woman was neither large nor burly, but simply an average looking woman in a pioneer dress with three small children gathered close around her legs. Yeah, it blew my mind! A huge wagon, with a huge freight load, pulled by four huge draft horses is a fairly impressive if not downright frightening sight to see when it trucks by up close. But, add to that a young mother standing atop it all, driving four horses while tending three children! Wow! She was neither nervous nor relaxed, but quite simply, appropriately focused, and her children were perfectly behaved. Now, let’s look at another example that can help us understand why the Amish woman and her children, sinners though they be, were able to be real life superheroes: Once, while working a horse in a round pen on an Amish farm, I noticed a procession of six or seven Amish girls, dressed like pioneers, walking the country lane. The oldest looked to be twelve, leading the way with direction, but not at all severe. The youngest was about five, and brought up the rear. To my surprise, they turned up the driveway of the farm where I worked. I didn’t know what to think but figured it an Amish thing. I watched as they continued without adult supervision, but each knowing their task, fetched a stocky miniature horse, then a miniature covered wagon. They harnessed the horse, hitched it to wagon, boarded one by one, and as they drove away, they smiled and waved at me. Astonished, I went in the barn to ask my Amish friend what I had seen. He said the girls had stopped that morning and left the horse to be shod before continuing on foot to the one room schoolhouse up the lane. They were not all siblings but children of the community. I’d seen a miniature school transportation system operated by children, working together without adult supervision; efficient, safe, clean, healthy, happy, and yes of course, independent!

Now let us imagine a parent strapping their child into a car safety seat for a ride to school 
while colorful cartoon heroes play on the monitor. And yes it may seem that I've presented opposite ends of a scale with extreme bias, but the Amish are nowhere near the far end of any survival scale, more like in the middle between stone tools and microprocessors. So what am I saying? I am not saying that technology is bad. I'm saying that we have, without even realizing it, become servants to powerful worldly masters. And in the year 2020, we find ourselves so tightly strapped into their world, we cannot get free even as we know it only requires a simple leap of faith. God will catch us. The problem is, we no longer trust Him. We say we trust Him, but our inaction proves otherwise.

If we want to be a people of God, we have to admit and accept that we will never get back to Him by the path laid out for us by our powerful worldly masters. In a very real manner of speaking, we have to leave Egypt.


Culture begins with love and loyalty for one’s people and their way of life. Culture, as God intended it, is human poetry in motion, rich with mannerisms and ways of expression not defined by statements of income, or even by great works of art, but rather by what connects us in our hearts. God connects us. And He uses culture to do so, as a gift, given to the smallest, that we may have togetherness, harmony, and happiness in our communities. But disastrously in the year 2020, our culture comes not from God, but from Hollywood movies, Fifth Avenue advertisements, government bureaucracies, and professional sports.

The "Greatest Generation" grew up saying the Lord’s Prayer in church, and the Pledge of Allegiance in school. They were not bussed to big conglomerate schools, but self-gathered in small, often one room school houses where they learned inspirational stories about their forefathers and mothers - stories that gave them a positive sense of what they were capable of. They were not psychoanalyzed and drugged when they misbehaved, but rather, swiftly and effectively corrected with a strap. They cleaned the blackboard, brought in firewood and well water, swept the floor, cleaned ashes from the stove, and other chores before they could go home. It was their first experience functioning outside the home, and not all that different. They were learning to be responsible in a work-based culture of faith. In their communities and across the nation, they were as Jesus said, seeds in fertile soil. And when the time came and they were called to stand against those that sought to put the world in darkness, they were up to the task. They defeated the godless followers of Hitler, the godless followers of the Emperor of Japan, and the godless Soviet Union. They did not liberate the world for supreme leaders, ideological ideals, money, power, or control. Their power and greatness was not from the world, but from the One that blessed them with unity, and made them a beacon of hope for all the world to see.

For a nation to be a nation, its people need a unifying story they can all celebrate, that they may not be paralyzed by division, but rather, united as a Nation. And we have that one story, it is the story of Jesus. 

And as Christians we understand, we are not a super-race, but the recipients of God's grace.

(Note: this blog is edited/re-written to this point. Hopefully the entire blog page will soon be completed.)

Erasing or debasing the history of a people will cripple their ability to survive and prosper in the future. It is important to know, and it is simple commonsense, that a full disclosure of history would prove; all cultures are open to severe criticism for the simple reason that ALL people are sinners - and when this is forgotten, a cultural blame game can start like a whirlpool through which fools seek to rise even as it pulls them deeper and deeper into resentment, anger, and destruction. We have a responsibility to know our full history, and, to understand that, those who only debase our forefathers and mothers are, quite possibly, enemies, or, inadvertently in league with enemies that will harm us if we allow it. For example, there are those that would poison my people’s children by telling them that their forefathers and mothers got this land by way of theft and genocide, thus making them a product of evil, thus making them evil.

By the genius of the devil, our enemies would plant seeds of self-hatred in our children, but only if we are foolish enough to let them.

Our forefathers and mothers were imperfect like ALL humans, but they had the courage to follow their dreams into unknown territory, they endured tremendous hardships and made great sacrifices, and because they put themselves in God hands, they rose to stand out among Nations as a symbol of justice and liberty for all.

There are positive ways to teach our children that our greatest heroes were flawed. Do you remember the story of George Washington and the cherry tree?

My people have a responsibility to reject anyone that makes our children feel ashamed about themselves because our forefathers may have owned slaves. A war was fought over this, hundreds of thousands died, followed by more than a hundred years of national effort and sacrifice to right things. And, under God, sure and steady progress has been made. And yes, we should believe in what the Reverend Martin Luther King said about judging not by the color of one's skin, but by the content of one's character. But MLK was an adulterer, so does that mean we should tear down all his statues and hang him in effigy? To be fair, we would all need to get up on chairs and put ropes around our necks because we are all sinners.

I once heard a pastor speak these words from the pulpit, "We are all wonderful, and we are all pathetic," and I thought to myself, "Brother, ain't that the truth."

My people have a responsibility to reject anyone that tells our children they are bigots for refusing to accept the homosexual lifestyle. We follow the God of truth, not lies, the God of love, not hate, we believe in His teachings, and because we do, we are the most safe people to live among in the world. We have a saying, "Hate the sin, not the man." Or, "Hate the sin, love the man." And because we love the man, we will not hide the very thing that can save him, we will not confuse him about the truth, we will not wish him well on the path to spiritual destruction. For his sake, the sake of his soul, we will not paint bad as good, but sadly we do, every time we use the word, “gay” to define his state of confusion.

 For the sake our children, for the sake of their souls, as our sacred duty as servants of God, we must be on guard, otherwise the lost will try and mitigate their inner entanglements by confusing them with morality and humanitarianism to be taught to our children.

For the sake of our children, and the sake of our Nation, we must guard against educators and others that have axes to grind disguised as "justice."

Those who want to take God out of our schools would have us dead-in-the-rights with regards to the Constitutional argument except for one thing; they want to replace God with their own belief-system. They want to tell us how to live, how to think, feel, respond, etc… They are hypocrites!

My people have a responsibility to understand that, while there is always hope for the blind, the enemies of God do not share our compassion, and thus are to be dealt with accordingly. David did not take flowers to Goliath.

My people have the right to discern between respecting other cultures and standing against enemies of God. 

 My people have a duty to stand against anyone that uses science in an attempt to disprove the existence of God.

Regarding “evolution,” I see the slow and methodic mechanism of nature as evidence to that which manifests itself in craftsmanship, being a love of making things, which comes from God who [being The Ultimate Craftsman] is forever about by means that men cannot comprehend beyond the level of their own finite limitations. For example, scientists give the universe a size and age, but in self-evident truth, the universe is infinite (meaning it is unknowable, mysterious, and fantastic). Therefore the origin of man is beyond the reach of science. And yet, "the origin of the species" is within man’s reach, as proven by countless souls that have reached out for The Ultimate Craftsman, and, in the labor of His love, evolved in that most ultimate way.

My people have a responsibility to understand, we are no match for the devil. Man-made systems will always be corrupted by sin. For example, some people promote a system of barter as a cure to greed, but a swindler is a swindler, and he will gladly trade you a "golden goose" for two pigs and a cow. Capitalism and Socialism can be made to sound good in theory, but in the reality of a sinful world; one dances around the golden calf, the other seeks to usurp God, and
by the genius of the devil, men fight wars over which is better.

It is the responsibility of all able-bodied Christian men to feed, cloth, and house themselves, their families, and their communities. Otherwise, such things become the responsibility of others who live detached from the realities of the individual and his community.

On a national economic level, what does it mean to put God and Country before power and money. As a general example, a music industry executive might make a "killing" promoting indecent music that fosters moral decay, but he chooses not to because he puts God and country first. A politician might gain a lot of money for himself and his political party by "helping people," but instead he works to return power to the people so they can help themselves. The "little guy" might stretch his dollar farther on cheap foreign-made products, but instead buys American made products, plus he buys local - a fiscal double-whammy he willingly accepts for love of God and country. Laborers and managers that put God and Country first, avoid that divisive realm of sin where quality of product cannot survive. Putting God and country first is not the easy path, but God is graceful, and as His children, we would do well to remember that, although good things are not easily achieved, the easy path is the way to a cutthroat world.



A godless nation cannot turn away from greed and hate because only God can remove these things from our hearts.

A godless nation will reflect its love and loyalty for the wrong things, and will poison its people and land. But a nation that puts God first will reflect His goodness in its people and land.

Traveling 5,000 miles by foot, horse, and canoe in today’s America did not involve much wilderness. Today, America is a land of growing cities supported by an agro-industrial countryside with dying small towns. But there was some wilderness devoid of people, including a 500 mile canoe trek across the northern tier of Montana. And in that wilderness, I ran out of many supplies and learned lessons that changed the way I live today. Upon coming out of the wilderness, I had no trouble finding a convenience-store filled with junk from floor to ceiling - potato chips, candy bars, pop, and cigarettes. I courteously asked where the dried rice and beans were even though I knew there was none. The young lady behind the counter looked perplexed, so I explained that my jest was based on the sign outside, which read, "General Store.” She laughed, but then, roaming over the store with her eyes, she took on a sincere expression while saying, “There really is just about all we need in here.” She was a sweet girl, but in an appalling state of physical health, grown up in a world that could not exist by telling her the truth. And she is not alone. We are all in that store, in one way or another, as a people and as a nation, lulled into a false perception, passively riding on a train of lies that can have no good end, and here's proof: 

We poison ourselves with unhealthy choices and then look to science for salvation even as the miracle of modern medicine goes hand-in-hand with a national health crisis of biblical proportion.

Our system of food production has been taken over by those who hunger for the wrong things, like power, money, and control, and because their godless hunger knows no end, we help them devour the very land and culture from which our food is grown. 

We accept a government colossus that cannot exist on the United States Constitution unless we the people accept a colossal lie, being that a massive concentration of power is good for our freedom, when in truth it will take our freedom away.  Likewise, a private sector controlled by colossal monopolies requires the acceptance of the same basic lie, being that a massive concentration of power promotes freedom to find better ways of life through innovation, when in truth it stifles innovation. 

We who call ourselves "the body of Christ" dare not risk arm or leg against a godless culture, but only complain as we go along with them on the easy path, and love gets pushed to the back because love requires hard work and sacrifice whereas lust is easy, and profitable, and so very selfish, that murdering the unborn becomes a “necessary evil.”

We buy into the lies of power-crazed hypocrites that promise peace through disarmament even as they keep heavily armed guards for themselves, even as history tells us again and again, this is how we are led to slaughter. 

We become so turned around and confused that, we accept sodomy as an expression of love.

For love of the wrong things, godless men and women poison our land, our way of life, and our very souls. And all the while, they tell us their way is best. And if we disagree, they shout, shame, and threaten us. Our lack of faith has got us boxed into their godless system, pretending not to, even as we depend on it like air and water (just as their dark master would have it). We need a path out into the light, we need the courage and sincerity of faith to escape a lie, we need a new frontier built on truth. And as always, God is standing directly before us, holding the door open.

The way to a better life is not to force change on the world, but to LET GOD CHANGE US INSIDE. Then we can raise our voices and speak His truth. Then we can build on His truth. Then we can know the kind of health and happiness that last forever, in this world and the next.


In the agrarian world of the Middle Ages; tribal warfare, plague, and pestilence were deadly problems, and yet, faith, including a renewed Puritan work ethic, and God-given human ingenuity brought about the Industrial Age that lifted millions out of poverty and gave rise to a class structure that emphasized freedom
. Likewise, this Age of Technology has its own deadly problems for which there is no  technological solution. There is no technological solution because technology is not the problem, the problem is sin, the solution is to let God into our hearts.

In our great success, as the greatest Nation on earth, we have forgotten what got us here. We did not get to the moon on the culture we have today, we did not get to the moon on the socioeconomic system we have today. Faith and hard work made us the greatest Nation on earth, along with a truly fantastic gift from God's hand, this beautiful bountiful land. What tremendous gratitude the settlers must have felt, and what a tremendous Nation it propelled them to build.
This is not about race, this is not about which group of sinners did what, this is not the cultural blame game. This is about gratitude to God, and the good it can do for a people's attitude.
Remnants of the good a grateful people can do, can still be found all across this land. Out here on the gravel roads, it can be found in countless farmsteads from not that long ago, built by those that found independence in God's hands. Today, although their way of life has been swept away by a flood of big world values, the trees our great grandparents planted live on in homesteads largely forgotten (or plowed under). The native mulberry trees still produce their fruit in the summer time, then the plum trees, apple trees, pear trees, walnuts, and pecans. The folks that planted them had delicious recipes for them all. In autumn the persimmons ripen and remain hanging on the tree into winter where, with a blanket of snow on the ground, they can be plucked and eaten like sugar bombs in God’s natural candy store. And with that fresh country air in your lungs, looking up at that magnificent star dome, it's easy to imagine God saying: If your so called “big picture” is manmade, then you have not yet come to see that your thinking is itsy-bitsy. And if you’re depending on a manmade system, you’re depending on an infinitely inferior system. I am the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Trust in me.

We sinners will never build a Utopia, and we don't need to. We only need to put the Creator first, and He will lead us through His creation on a path of discovery to His realm of eternal life.


Perhaps if we could travel back in time and be disciples, following our Lord Jesus on foot for countless miles from farm to farm and village to village, doing the all-consuming work that old-fashioned travel demands; we would better understand why God tells us in the Bible that men who talk too much are fools. A man can talk all day about doing the hard thing, and at the end of the day, not be one step closer to getting it done. Sometimes, it is better to go forward in faith, and leave the talking to God.

So dear reader, what actions do we take exactly in a frontier of faith to build a life greater than our ability to imagine - what are our parts to play in that divine symphony I spoke of? I don't know what your part is, but God does, and He wants to show you. All you need to do, is let Him into your heart.


It is said, God never closes one door without opening another, and I can testify that it's true. My father died of a heart attack when I was one. It was a big door that God shut, not the kind of door that closes softly, but with resounding finality. Mom never remarried but, besides loving me and taking care of me and making sure I went to church every Sunday, the greatest thing she ever did for me was to get down on her knees before me when I was six years old and tell me that a woman could not show a man how to be a man. She then turned me around so that I was facing a group of men whereupon she told me to go and watch, listen, and learn. I took my mother’s charge to heart, and with a fatherless void in my chest, I had all the incentive I needed. I went searching high and low, right and left, north and south from boarder to boarder, and east and west from coast to coast. In friendship, I ate at the same table and slept under the same roof with Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians (and I am 10% Asian). As a result, I have studied a great many men, not with conscious intent, not as part of an academic study, not with anything but a void to fill in my chest, a void which felt as big as space itself. Into that void, I shoveled everything from John Wayne to Woody Allen. I shoveled until I was plumb full. And when I had filled myself up, I was as confused and empty as ever. That’s right, I didn’t know who I was, and all the knowledge in the world couldn’t help me. Then I heard my long-forgotten friend Jesus calling, and somehow, almost like groping in the dark, I found my way back to Him. He took what I had put inside and brought it to life. And when He did, it was like nothing I can describe except to say my void filled with light, my eyes could see at last, my stars and planets were put in order and I was filled with joy!
 Then, on the heels of my salvation, there came a great opportunity to travel the land, not as a lost man, but as a found man, knowing not of God's intention but simply believing that, as long as I continued putting one foot before the other in faith, God would bring good from my effort.
 I did not travel the modern way as I had in the past, but rather, I traveled in the footsteps of my Pioneer forefathers and mothers. I wrote a book about my travels, well written but not mature enough to relate the message God intended me to tell. Without going into the details of how God eventually showed me what he wanted me to know and tell, I would like to tell about something that happened on the way there, a true story, not dramatized, but simply the kind of thing that happens when a man puts himself in God's hands: I got caught in a September blizzard while crossing the Continental Divide. It came on like a roaring freight train, my dog nearly died from exposure. I had to put him inside my coat and carry him while dropping elevation to escape the storm. For 5 days I walked 100 miles across the divide. I ate next to nothing in part because old-man-winter was kicking my tail and, telling me to get back to the safety of civilization. It was during this time, 700 miles into a 4,000 mile journey, having already seen so much, and then getting some serious alone time with the Lord; I began praying for words to help my people (praying, very nearly badgering, albeit humbly). The Lord did not answer my prayer at that time but, upon reaching civilization, looking upon a small town so peaceful in a valley below, surrounded by storm clouds, with a ray of sunlight illuminating a white church steeple, the Lord spoke to my heart, saying, "Just make the journey, James. Just make the journey." I didn't understand, but I obeyed. I was not a mature Christian, I didn't understand that of course the Lord had already laid out what He wanted me to know. And even though I am unworthy of delivering any message from Him to you dear reader, if you have read these words, then you can know He answered my prayer, which of course was His plan all along, and it is no accident that these words found their way to you.

 Thank you for taking time to read this booklet.
And may God bless you!

James Sheldon, confessed sinner, 
servant of God

My dog UB and I on the
Lewis and Clark Trail

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