Monday, August 12, 2019

Regarding all the free stuff that many of our Nation's so-called "leaders" promise to give away: The Lost have a deep inner need to feel good about themselves because, as I said, they are lost, but the Lost behave as fools, and thus, at their neighbor's expense, they espouse feel good theories about how the world should be. But hey, this foolish behavior the Lost display to feel good inside comes in a million forms, none of which can free a single soul. But I do not say these things as a Republican or Democrat. I do not say these things as a capitalist or socialist. I say these things as a Christian. I say these things because my Master wants the best for his children. I say these things because my Master has shown me that, whatever the man-made system be, however good it may look on paper, however wonderful an orator or salesman may paint it to be, in truth, it couldn't free a lost soul from a wet paper bag.

But the answer to all this is simple: Put your trust in God. He will free your soul. And you will find your wings on His truth!

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