Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Regarding  homosexuality

I’ve been right and left, high and low, and may points in between, and I know that straight and non-straight men alike can be something other than left or right wing kooks. Straight or otherwise, men can be honest, hardworking, conscientious people, in which case, both would deserve the same excellent job reference, both would be worthy of friendship, to go to lunch with, have a beer (at my age, just one beer). More importantly, there is no difference between either man when it comes to God’s love for them. God alone holds our best interest at heart, and God alone wants to make us wealthy beyond our dreams in the only way that counts forever. And that is why, for the sake of true happiness in this life and the life hereafter for all men, I must stand up for God’s truth. For the love of my fellow man, I should never pat him on the back and tell him he can't go wrong as he walks a path that ultimately ends with him losing the one thing he could keep forever. For the sake of his soul, I should never paint bad as good, but sadly, that is exactly what people do when they use the word "gay," to describe his state of confusion.

It is for good reason that people all around the world say the words, “I was blind but now I see." And what's more, they say it joyfully. I was blind, and yet I was doing great in the eyes of the world, so of course I would have laughed at anyone that told me I was blind. I had all the happiness in the world; happy soft drinks, happy vacations, shiny cars, a beautiful wife, an upscale house, a successful business, a good start on life, but I was missing One infinitely critical element, but of course, I didn’t know what I was missing. But now that God has opened my eyes, I see it all the time, the difference between people that have let God into their hearts, and people that haven't. The difference between happiness and true happiness is so profoundly large that, this world cannot measure it. And yet, we can know it in our hearts, and because it is good beyond anything we could have previously imagined, we get excited and we want everyone to have it!

We Christians also know that, giving God a chance is not about twisting some bible passage to fit our desires so we can continue to do things our way. True happiness requires true submission to God, but true happiness is such a treasure that, submission becomes a victory over pride and every other human failing as God breaks the chains that bind us. As for me, my chains were anger, lust, and vanity. Not violent anger, but a to-heck-with-you-and-I-walk-away kind of anger. Not homosexual lust, but heterosexual lust (one being just as harmful to true happiness as the other). Vanity, as in thinking that I am hot stuff. God broke my chains, and once freed, I was able to look back and see how they were keeping me from the path of true happiness. It is not that I have become sinless, but rather that stumbling in the light is infinitely better than stumbling in the dark.

God gives us free will. We can reject Him if we chose, and most of us will, but for those of us that give God more than a nod, those of us that chose to walk on His narrow path of truth, not our idea of truth but His truth, and not give up but keep putting one foot before the other in faith, He leads us to a broad spiritual plane where, looking back, we know, He saved the one thing we keep forever - our soul - and of course, that made our life great! This is what we Christians want for people, we want their lives to be great. We want people to be free from the chains that bind them. We want everyone to know that something better than anything they can imagine is within their reach. And in sharing the news of it, we do not discriminate against homosexuals or anyone.

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