Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jesus Christ is God Almighty, and God Almighty is Jesus Christ. They, along with the Holy Spirit, are one and the same thing. Do not worry about getting your mind around it, for you can no more get your mind around it anymore than you can get your mind around the fact that God created infinity. Having faith means you are humble enough to accept these things as beyond your understanding, and because you do, God will prove, each and every day, that you are right in your faith. God is not a velvet glove, and God is not an iron gauntlet, but rather, God is both, and the Holy Spirit exist because God likes to do His business through His children. And as God tells us through His Holy Word (His Truth), there is a time for peace and a time for war. When the Philistines are on the field, it is not time for peace. When the Philistines are on the field, it is not time to go like a lamb with an olive branch in it's mouth to greet Goliath. It is not time to turn and run for Bible verses with which to excuse yourself from standing against evil. When the Philistines are on the field, it is not time to worry about your worldly securities. Rather, it is time to protect your Master's children, plain and simple. But if you refuse to stand against evil, if you use God's word to justify your cowardice while His children are handed over to evil, then how will you answer to Him when the time comes to decide how you are to spend eternity? Will you say, "But Master, I followed your word!" If so, then do not be surprised if the Lord then says, "No, you used my word to justify your cowardice, and in my Holy Name, you handed my children over to evil." Now we all know what it's like during a storm when lightning strikes so near that, our home shakes and we are jolted to our core. This will be how it is in that moment when the Lord cast a soul into eternal darkness. So make the right decision today, because it is your soul that you are deciding for. If you are not a fighter that is okay, but do not tell the Lord's soldiers they cannot go out to battle. Rather, help them in any way you can. Bring them food, water, whatever the Lord has made you good at, apply it to the cause. Do not carp and whine about peace when the enemy is on the field. There is a decision to be made, today. Not a debate to be had, but a decision to make, for the Philistines are on the field, demanding we hand our children over to them, and this time they have brought a thousand Goliaths. But what are a thousand Goliaths to the Almighty, they are nothing to fear, and so should it be for those that have faith in Him. And yet we are afraid, you, and I, all of us. Let us get over our fear together, and, as good servants of the Lord, stand and protect our Master's children.

James Sheldon, May 20, 2017

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